For Reference: Nora's Books! mini :-)

My minis are shown in the order of being done.
(1996?) This is Zhamora, a fighter - no, not with red eyes, they were supposed to be amber. She suffered a horrible accident when a chair ran over her and cut off her legs (still visible on the back of her boots).

This is a mini I painted under supervision at the fantasy fair in Rothenburg ob der Tauber. The eyes and brows are not by me.

(2000?) This is Lukraju, Paladin and Lord of the Abendstein. And the white something on his coat of arms is supposed to be a white pegasus, flying.

(2001?) Here comes Alynia, in her disguise as an elf. The thick wand is thick on purpose, as it's her wand of Knock, built by a friend who researched a recipe for thick wands of knock ;-)

(2004) And finally, this is Miralda, Viola's Dragonstar-character, my first to try to use shading on skin (which was a must since she's showing so much...